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  • Position:Quality Account Manager - Faculty of Environment and Technology
  • Telephone:+4411732 87409

About me

I work as Quality Account Manager within the Quality Enhancement Team with responsibility for the Faculty of Environment and Technology. I joined UWE in 2016, having previously worked as Marketing and Publications Manager at the University of Bristol. During this role I developed an interest in Quality that I was keen to explore.

I lead the faculty through the development of new curriculum and changes to existing curriculum and guide faculty staff through the University's approval process. I work with the faculty to ensure proposals have a clear and robust rationale and that an appropriate level of departmental consultation and scrutiny has taken place. This includes feedback from stakeholders within the library service, careers, marketing, student representatives, other professional service teams, external subject advisers and representatives of partner institutions. I ensure feedback is evidenced and documentation is complete.

I work with faculty academics to ensure that academic standards are met, the quality of teaching and learning opportunities are enhanced, that the impact of proposed changes to the student experience of learning, teaching and assessment has been considered,  and that the Faculty's academic provision remains aligned to relevant benchmarks. We work together to ensure that the faculty's provision aligns to the Learning 2030 strategy, the key principles of the Enhancement Framework for Academic Programmes and Practice and the University's Academic Regulations and Procedures. Where revisions to curriculum constitute a material change, I advise the faculty on undertaking appropriate student consultation so that the University complies with CMA guidance. As part of continuous improvement I ensure that care is taken to maintain a programmatic view and to that end, new modules or module changes are not approved in isolation. I monitor the volume and type of curriculum change, and identify and evaluate trends.

I Officer the Faculty's Academic Standards and Quality Committee, University validation Panels (UVPs) and Programme Enhancement Reviews (PERs).

My roots are in marketing and publications. I managed the Publications team at the University of Bristol for eight years. My team was responsible for producing University print and online communications such as the undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses, student recruitment and outreach materials including open day publicity, as well as several social media channels. I enjoy working with media professionals, graphic designers and photographers. I've worked in events marketing and have written for various publications. I continue my passion for marketing in assisting St Peter's Hospice with their marketing and fundraising activities, as well as offering my expertise in communications.

I regularly volunteer at St Peter's Hospice coffee shop, where I enjoy meeting people and supporting the community.

Area of expertise

Quality management in HE, marketing and communications, HE student recruitment, widening participation and admissions.


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