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Sigita is a Senior Lecturer in Computational Architecture. With a background in architecture and computational design, Sigita’s research focuses on understanding the intersection of technology and design in the built environment, with a specific focus on sustainable urban development and the use of computational design tools. Currently, Sigita is completing her PhD, entitled "Towards a Framework for the Study of Ongoing Socio-Technical Transitions: Explored through the UK Self-Driving Car Paradigm". This research explores how technological advancements shape communities and the built environment, and how it relates to the ongoing socio-technical transitions. Sigita also has experience in research projects in the field of autonomous vehicles and future of mobility, having worked on Innovate UK and EPSRC research projects on autonomous vehicles, future of mobility, and stakeholder engagement. Sigita is interested in advancing the field of computational architecture and sustainable urban development through her research and teaching.


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