Miss Sophie Laggan

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  • Qualifications:MSc Social-Ecological Resilience for Sutainable Development
  • Position:Project Coordinator: Citizen Engagement in Healthy Urban Development
  • Department:FET - Geography and Environmental Management
  • Telephone:+4411732 87672

About me

I have a background in environmental science and sustainable development, with professional experience in public engagement, science communication, environmental journalism, marketing, campaigning and event management.

I am passionate about and campaigns for social-ecological justice* and inclusion**, with a particular action research interest in the role of group dynamics, power and spirituality in the transitions towards just futures.

At UWE, I'm part of the Science Communication Unit, which sits at the interface between science and society. 

In 2017-2019 I  coordinated the design and delivery of Shape Our City, a Bristol-wide pilot exploring in what way creative consultations can encourage participation, particularly of marginalised communities, in public health/city decision making and in 2019 I also organised the first regional Science Communication conference for the SouthWest.

Currently, I sit within AQRMC as the Communications Officer for ClairCity, which explores citizen-led approaches to reducing air pollution and carbon emissions in European cities.

I have previously volunteered as Project Leader for Food Cycle Bristol and as Director of Bristol Food Network.

*A process which seeks the fair (re)distribution of resources, opportunities and responsibilities, challenges the roots of oppression and injustice – holding those that sabotage this potential to account, empowers all people to exercise self-determination and realise their full potential and build solidarity and community capacity for collaborative action to protect people and planet

**having the resources opportunities and capabilities to participate in all aspects of life, connect with people and activities and influence decisions that affect them

Area of expertise

As I am particularly interested in the inclusion of marginalised communities in environmental issues, I have been honing my practical skills in this area.

I have a L3 Award in Community Organising and a Active Citizens awared from the British Council, and apply this training in my public engagement work.

Do get in touch if you'd like advice or guidance on this area, or to discuss potential collaborations


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