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Steve Melia is a Visiting Fellow in the Centre for Transport and Society. He retired as a Senior Lecturer in December 2021. His research interests focussed on behaviour change (particularly in the context of climate change), changing transport policy and the interaction between transport and spatial planning.  He invented the term ‘filtered permeability’ and the concept of the ‘paradox of intensification’.  His PhD concerned the potential for carfree development in the UK.  He has advised UK Government departments, local authorities, political parties and the UK Climate Assembly in 2020. 



Personal website

Including professional and journalistic publications: www.stevemelia.co.uk

Videos and media interviews

Evidence to Bristol Airport planning inquiry 23 July 2021

Roads Runways and Resistance - from the Newbury Bypass to Extinction Rebellion

Interview on BBC Radio 4, Costing the Earth October 21st 2020
Presentation to the UK Climate Assembly February 2020

Traffic Removal and the Renaissance of Leicester
Sharing or Separation, which way for the cities of the future? Filmed debate with Ben Hamilton-Baillie, Chaired by Graham Parkhurst, May 22nd 2012.
The Paradox of Intensification (Youtube, 13.47 minutes), CTS Winter Conference 2010.

Area of expertise

Transport and spatial planning; transport policy (including protest movements), street design and traffic removal; shared transport; and Sustainable work travel


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