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About me

 A civil engineer by training, I had worked in the construction industry before taking up an academic career as a researcher and management educator internationally. My research focuses on the critical study of project-based work and management as economic, social and political phenomena and on the pursuit of advanced understandings of sustainability, complexity and risks in organizations and global operations. I have published widely in academic and professional journals and co-edited, with Damian Hodgson, an influential book ‘Making Projects Critical’ (2006, Palgrave). My research has been supported by national and international grants. I am also an experienced supervisor and examiner of Doctoral / PhD research and have held a number of visiting posts internationally including professorships in Industrial Management at University of Vaasa, Finland, and in Organisational Management at European Centre for Peace and Development (UN University for Peace) in Belgrade, Serbia and at Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria.  


Area of expertise

 Research, knowledge exchange and executive education in:

  • Project-based work, organising and management in a global context: collaboration, unpredictability and ethics in project environments; project management practices in the public sector, business and  not-for-profit organisations; critique of the 'projectification of society'
  • studies of the sustainability agenda in global operations – e.g. ecological crisis, sustainable development, international aid and environmental policies
  • pedagogy for responsible management education

 Conceptually, my work is governed by Aristotelian notion of phronesis (practical wisdom), critical management studies and processual approaches to knowledge, collaborative action and decision making in everyday organisational life. The focus is on interconnectedness, interdependency, paradox and temporality in a global context of organisations, pronounced particularly in the set-up and conduct of major cross-border projects and our ‘projectified’ society. Given the prevalence of what is known as ‘sustainability agenda’ and the ideas it has been promoting and appropriating, such as geo-engineering, climate change, ecological crises, environmental protection, it has become inevitable to refocus critical attention to these issues in a broader field of project studies.​​

PhD research supervision

I am currently supervising four doctoral researchers and would welcome inquiries from prospective candidates in the above areas.




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