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I am a Lecturer in Law and member of the Centre for Applied Legal Research. My research interests include pre-trial detention and bail; disclosure of evidence in criminal proceedings; criminal defence lawyers; access to justice and criminal legal aid.

I completed my PhD in 2010, entitled 'The Zealous Advocate in the 21st Century: Concepts and Conflicts for Criminal Defence Lawyers'. This included an empirical study examining how practising defence lawyers resolve ethical dilemmas, using 'vignettes' - scenarios designed to reflect real-life conflicts.

I am the Module Leader for Dissertations; Law Projects; Sexual Offences and Offending; Law Experts and Justice; and Law and Expert Evidence. I have taught on a range of modules, including Criminal Law, Legal Ethics, Foundations for Law, and Civil Liberties.

I supervise undergraduate dissertations and post-graduate doctoral students, primarily in areas related to criminal justice and criminal procedure.

I have worked on cross-jurisdictional projects related to criminal defence and pre-trial detention, and have acted as an Expert Consultant for a law reform project in another jurisdiction. I am currently involved in projects examining media reporting in criminal courts; Litigants in Person in criminal proceedings; and pre-trial detention.

Area of expertise

Criminal Justice and Procedure, Legal Aid, Pre-trial Detention, Legal Ethics, Criminal Defence Lawyers, Access to Justice, Disclosure 


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