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As a Business Innovation & Skills Development Manager at the University of the West of England, I am dedicated to fostering connections that drive innovation, research, and business development. With a diverse background spanning multiple countries and cultures, I bring a unique perspective to my role, fueled by a passion for innovation.

My professional journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of opportunities and a commitment to excellence in stakeholder management, interpersonal relations, and inclusive leadership. With a proven track record and glowing testimonials, I thrive on bringing diverse groups together to create environments conducive to personal and collective growth.

Beyond my professional endeavours, I am an adventurous spirit, finding joy in cycling touring, creative and cultural pursuits. I am driven by a constant desire to learn, grow, and contribute, always seeking new avenues to stimulate innovation and development hubs within our university community and beyond.

I am excited to continue my journey at the University of the West of England, where I am committed to nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration that empowers individuals and drives meaningful progress in research, business, and beyond.


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