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Dr Vadim Zverovich (PhD, 1993) is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and the Head of the Mathematics and Statistics Research Group at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. An accomplished researcher, he is the author of three books and was previously a Fellow of the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany. In 2016, Vadim was awarded Higher Education Academy fellowship status, and the Faculty of Environment and Technology of UWE named him its researcher of the year in 2017. With 35 years of research experience, he has published about 70 research articles, given over 40 talks in 8 countries, and established an internationally recognised academic track record in the mathematical sciences covering both theoretical and applied aspects. Vadim's books are listed below:

Vadim has recently had three substantial research grants as PI, co-PI and co-I. Also, he enjoys internal and external decision-making activities such as being a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College, a member of the Advisory Board of the London Mathematical Society (UG Research Bursaries), a member of three UWE boards, and a reviewer for four UWE schemes: VC ECR, VC CF, AP and ICE. Further activities include: a guest editor of academic journals and a reviewer of the high-ranked journal Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering and other journals. 

Area of expertise

Vadim's research interests include graph theory and its applications, transport networks, probabilistic methods, combinatorics and combinatorial optimisation, decision-making techniques. His recent research articles were published in high-ranked journals: Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering and Automation in Construction.

Vadim has over 30 years of university-level teaching experience, during which time he has taught over 30 courses and has been the module leader of many courses/modules. Vadim's books are used for teaching various courses, and he is committed to incorporating EDI in the curriculum. Additionally, he has successful experience in the supervision of final-year research students and PhD/post-doctoral researchers, and has acted as an external/internal examiner of PhD theses. 


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