Dr Wenhao Zhang

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  • Qualifications:PhD, FHEA, MSc, MEng, BEng
  • Position:Senior Lecturer in Machine Vision
  • Department:FET - Engineering, Design and Mathematics
  • Telephone:+4411732 86806
  • Email:Wenhao.Zhang@uwe.ac.uk

About me

Dr. Wenhao Zhang is co-director of the Centre for Machine Vision, Bristol Robotics Laboratory. Wenhao had completed a BEng degree in Automation, a MEng degree in Control, and a MSc degree in Electronics before he undertook his PhD study at the CMV on 3D computer vision analysis of human demographics and behaviours. Wenhao's current research interests include computer vision and machine learning for Agri-tech and Health-tech. Wenhao is an HEA fellow and has a passion for designing and implementing practice-led, research-informed teaching. Wenhao is currently module leaders for UFMFRR-15-M Machine Vision, UFCFFV-15-M Advanced AI, Computer Vision, and Cyber Security, and UFMFKA-30-2 Microcontrollers Applications Group Laboratory.

Wenhao was recently featured amongst the 'UWE 30 to watch' list. Some of Wenhao's projects include:


1. Hoofcount Vision Detection for Early Signs of Digital Dermatitis Lesions and Lameness Within Dairy Cattle (Innovate UK, 2022-2024)

2. Deep Learning based Face-eye Analysis for Eye Health Monitoring (Consultancy, 2020-2022)

3. Deep Learning for Renal Fibrosis Assessment in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Scans (Royal Society, 2021-2024)

4. Automatic Tracking to Monitor Feeding Behaviours of Pigs (BBSRC/GCRF, 2020-2021)

5. Low-cost Adaptive 3D Multi-scale Imaging for Phenotyping (PhenomUK, 2020-2021)

6. An Investigation into the Effects of Cognitively Demanding Tasks on Eye Saccade Patterns in the Context of the Early Detection of Neurodegenerative Disease (VC Interdisciplinary Award, 2019-2020)



1. Three-dimensional Object Detection and Segmentation in Point Clouds (Zenotech/UWE, 2023-2026)

2. Deep Learning Analysis of 2D, 3D and Multi-spectral Images for the Analysis of Questioned Documents and Serological Material (Foster&Freeman/UWE, 2022-2025)

3. Eye Movement Analysis for the Assessment of Ageing and Neurodegeneration (FARSCOPE CDT, 2018-2024)

4. Assessing Eye Movements in Virtual Reality in the Context of Early Diagnosis of Neurodegeneration (FARSCOPE CDT, 2018-2024)



1. DETI (2021-2022)

2. Autonomous Exploration, Data Acquisition, Processing and Visualisation in Underfloor Voids (Innovate UK, 2019-2020)

3. GrassVision (Innovate UK, 2017-2018)

4. 4D Hyperspectral Imaging (BBSRC, 2017-2018)

5. FasTrak Gateless Gatelines (RSSB, 2016-2017)

Area of expertise

Face recognition
3D imaging
Eye tracking
Human Computer Interaction (HCI)


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