Dr Yaseen Zaidi

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  • Qualifications:PhD EE, MS Engineering Management, BSEE
  • Position:Senior Lecturer in Systems Engineering
  • Department:FET - Engineering, Design and Mathematics
  • Telephone:+4411732 86019
  • Email:Yaseen.Zaidi@uwe.ac.uk

About me

I am with the aerospace engineering cluster at EDM-FET. I have served in various roles on the teams of three agency-level and two academic space missions—all successfully operational in orbit. During 7 years at the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission, I was extensively trained in the multi-disciplinary space systems engineering. Before that, I was an embedded hardware/software developer in the US telecom industry where I extended support to the design verification, system test engineering, manufacturing engineering and customer support departments and so got to know the diverse aspects of product lifecycle engineering. I also worked briefly in automotive manufacturing. My academic experiences have been at the University of Cape Town, Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Grafton College. I was a higher education department approved Ph.D. supervisor at the Institute of Space Technology. I am an external examiner at Nelson Mandela University. I was educated at Louisiana Tech University (bachelor's), Western New England College (master's) and Vienna University of Technology (Dr. techn.). I have been a postdoctoral research fellow at the French South African Institute of Technology. I am an associate editor of the SAE Aerospace journal and serve on the program committees or review boards of several conferences and journals. I am a senior member of IEEE and a member of ACM, AIAA, INCOSE, and SIAM. In the Mathematics Genealogy Project, I am a 9th generation descendant of Bessel and 10th of Gauß. 

Area of expertise

Aero/Space systems engineering, MBSE, modelling and simulation frameworks, and hybrid design platforms. Several CubeSat related and systems research topics available for supervision, contact to find out.


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