Professor John Hart

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  • Qualifications:BTech, MSc, PhD, CChem, FRSC, FHEA
  • Position:Professor in Biosensor and Electroanalytical Sciences
  • Telephone:+4411732 82469

About me

Professor John Hart is a member of the Centre for Research in Biosciences and the Institute of Bio-sensing Technology. For over 20 years, one of his main research interests has been in the design, development and application of screen-printed electrochemical sensors and biosensors. These can be mass produced in a wide range of geometries, and are low cost. Consequently, they can be regarded as disposable, which is of considerable importance, particularly when analysing complex samples. In addition, analytical measurements are usually simple to carry out, as the devices are reagentless; in the case of biosensors, the bio-components are immobilised on to the surface of the screen-printed electrochemical transducer. During this 20 year period, he has collaborated with a number of industrial and other organisations, particularly The Gwent Group, Pontypool, UK, to develop novel screen-printing inks for the production of new, reliable sensors, biosensors, and electroanalytical instruments employing screen-printed devices, for a wide range of applications and analytical challenges.
Research projects include: Development and application of enzyme- and antibody-based biosensors and their integration in electroanalytical systems and bespoke instruments for: Monitoring organophosphate pesticides in raw produce, river and reservoir water; Monitoring progesterone in cows’ milk on a dairy farm to improve cattle breeding efficiency; Detection of faecal contamination of milk during the milking process; Measurement of an ammonium ion in sewage; Demonstration of the possibility of developing a disposable biosensor for phosphate ion in river water.  Research funding includes: MAFF/LINK, DEFRA/LINK, CBRN, Environment Agency.
Prof Hart has published over 140 peer reviewed papers on electroanalysis, including over 80 research papers on screen-printed electrochemical sensors and biosensors. He acts as a referee for a range of analytical and electroanalytical journals and is an editor for the International Journal of Analytical Chemistry. He has been an active member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) for over 30years. He is currently the Honorary Secretary of the Electroanalytical Sensing Systems Group, Analytical Division, RSC.

Area of expertise

·        The design and development of disposable screen-printed electrochemical sensors and biosensors for applications in biomedicine, agri-food analysis, environmental studies and gas detection.
·        The immobilisation of suitable biorecognition elements onto/into transducers to provide selectivity towards the target analyte. E.g. enzymes, antibodies, molecularly imprinted polymers; organic ligands, calixarenes.
·        Voltammetric techniques, in conjunction with screen-printed electrodes / microband electrodes, for the determination of biologically and environmentally important compounds.
·        HPLC/Electrochemical detection for the determination of trace levels of vitamins and coenzymes and drugs.


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